In the story itself, the main character is a high school student who was madly in love with a guy. And in fits of jealousy, she kills not only girls, but also guys who spend “a lot” of time with him. And this prevents her from approaching her lover.

Moreover, she hides their bodies on the school grounds, which is very scary. You can change weapons as you go. It’s the same with looks. The appearance can be changed, of course, in the heroine’s room. Management is the most common, easily acquired during training. Characters in anime style.

The toy itself is interesting in places, along the way they offer to watch screensavers. Yandere Simulator Visual Novel attracts with special plot lines. You don’t just hang around school and hang out with your friends. You have a goal that your heroine follows. And you need to help curb her character.

Yandere Simulator Visual Novel