It is unrealistically cool in passing, and the open world is so big that even for a whole month of playing it you will not have time to get around it all. It seems that this place has absolutely everything.

You can build houses there, build your base and be the leader of your squad. It’s so unrealistically cool, it just blows the tower from adventure! A world of opportunities, as well as full of danger that lies in wait for the player on each side.

In addition to amazing game landscapes, so carefully designed scenery, weapons and armor, it lures you with its open and, most importantly, living world. It seems that every item is in its place, the NPCs are alive, they walk around the world, howl and can take any actions without the player’s interaction.

But this whole wondrous and not small world would be a desert of loneliness, without the huge kind of enemies that inhabit it. Believe me, if you decide to play it, you will have such an amazing choice, as well as its modifications.