A fascinating love story about a strange nook and cranny in the city. Here the most strange situations and perversions are created. You, being a security guard, are obliged to keep law and order in this place.

At your attention Constantly distracted by the branching plot of the history of different characters. Each of them fulfills his social role of fallen man. There’s nothing you can do about them, Except how to keep track of them.

After all, this place has the potential to become a crime scene. Pay close attention to what is happening on your screen so as not to miss the moment and avoid a negative turn of events. The game is aimed at a narrow audience that prefers a variety of combinations of plots into a single whole.

Back Alley Tales tells about a variety of girls who find themselves in their own problems and mired in strange life situations. Someone has to pay for certain services, And someone simply accidentally ends up in this alley. And as you may have guessed, nothing good should be expected from the most criminal district of this city.

The cutest cat in the foreground distracts your attention from something too important. But do not pay attention to this red herring, otherwise you risk missing an important detail in the further investigation. The variability of this plot should be appreciated, since each love story has its own backstory. What brings these misguided girls here?

Potential criminal investigations

Keep track of every element of every single lane. Your attention This is very important, because even the smallest changes should be noticed. Sometimes you will be able to witness quite intimate scenes, but you must understand that this is just a red herring.

Real hardcore action is not far behind in Back Alley Tales. The game will teach you to focus on the truly important aspects of this life. After all, a clearly difficult fate brought the girls to such decisions. Set up your camera in such a way that it is convenient for you to switch between different plots. There are only four stories, but in each of them the details will play an important role.

Many oddities and inexplicable decisions await you in Back Alley Tales. You will have to look for logic in these events and in the decisions made by the girls. Minimalistic anime graphics play an important role here. It will help to fully reveal the full potential of this story and teach you how to enjoy pixel art.

Back Alley Tales