You have witnessed a real nightmare that is happening in the back streets of your city. When you were hired as an employee of a security company, you were not warned that you would have to stick your nose into other people’s intimate details.

But the situation has developed in such a way that you have absolutely no other choice. If you don’t keep an eye on these strange couples, it’s possible that the game will turn to you in a completely unexpected place.

Play in such a way as to remain invisible in each of the plots. Here are four completely different stories, with different visual contexts. Each couple wants to go unnoticed and solve their own personal problems.

You need to look after them in such a way that the story does not become apparent to the entire city. A minimal set of function buttons will allow you to quickly navigate between each story using the arrows. Set up your cameras in such a way that they openly show the place of events.

Do not try to find logic in the behavior of the characters, as they are not guided by common sense. They are overwhelmed by the emotions they have to deal with. And you can only be a free spectator who can draw conclusions for himself and prevent terrible crimes.

Limited feature set with unlimited social responsibility status

Back Alley Tales will tell you about the complexities and pitfalls of real relationships in the dark corners of the city. People come here to hide their secrets. Your main task is to fish out the secrets to the surface. Do not stop there and look for details that will help you find clues.

Do not try to influence the difficult fate of your characters. Remain an observer, while watching how people behave in the current life circumstances. There will be many intrigues and oddities around you.

Keep a fresh and sober head so as not to be led by provocations of feelings and pity. They still won’t change the cast of this behind-the-scenes reality show. Transform your browsing to avoid punishment for possible crimes. Otherwise, then your work will be considered unfinished.

Back Alley Tales Full Game