You have to face the strange life of the dark side of this city. As a security guard, you have to watch every doorway and be sure that nothing illegal has happened there.

By controlling the cameras with a few buttons, you can move from place to place. Your main task in the game is to solve all the riddles that you can meet on your way. The many secrets that lurk in these alleys were not meant to be revealed.

The heroes of these soap operas clearly did not want to make their stories public. You can play with just a few touches. This makes your investigation as convenient as possible. Move from couple to couple to convict them of something strange. Each of them keeps their own secret.

You can’t overlook a single detail, so that this strange place does not turn into a real crime scene. Back Alley Tales tells about strange human qualities, dubious deeds and daring decisions. Frank scenes and many depraved deeds will become apparent with the help of your insight. But they shouldn’t know they’re being watched. Otherwise, you will frighten off the heroes with your observation.

High quality story thriller

Then begins, in fact, the book itself, in the process of reading which you need to choose what to do. This mainly concerns the development of relations between the main character and the guys, but there are other issues. It’s like you’re writing your own novel in Back Alley Tales.

You can also get new emotions as you progress through the game. For each chapter started or finished, they sometimes also appear for choosing one or another action, and for getting to know a new character.

Play is bright and colorful, the plots are quite interesting. It is both a love story and an intricate story about the ins and outs of society. Not everyone dares to boast of such details of their lives for all to see. Therefore, you have a chance to learn how to keep secrets from the best experts in this business.

Incredible turns of events keep you in constant suspense. The actions of such people are not amenable to the laws of common sense. Therefore, you can actually see anything. It looks like the work of a real detective who is trying to convict someone else’s partner of treason. Sharp and new. Perky and inexplicably mysterious.

Back Alley Tales 2