Most modern games are arcade or shooting games, which are mostly interesting only for boys, very often big and small. What, then, to get involved in girls who are already, as it were, not girls? A sensational story that continues to gather fans into its ranks of subscribers.

Interactive stories with beautiful characters and unique plots in abundance – enjoy and get carried away, or rather, live/experience love-romantic “lives”.

Large-scale conspiracy theories, intrigue, the ability to choose the forks of events and influence the plot, change cameras, choose romantic lines with the character you like, interesting and different characters. It cannot be said that any of the stories is stronger or weaker, each has its own chips, its pros and cons, original solutions and plot moves and charismatic characters.

The musical accompaniment is also top notch. Back Alley Tales wins over its fans with the difficult decision to watch all of the above without being directly involved in the decision-making process. You act as a guard who must remain unnoticed in any development of events. You need to stay in the background so as not to frighten off the story that is developing before your eyes.

Huge storyline potential

The highlight of the game is that your actions do not change the plot. And the ending can be completely different. Starting from choosing a favorite, ending with an absolutely unpredictable outcome. For example, there is a story where there are a lot of pitfalls.

You must notice them and unravel all the secrets. And at the same time remain completely incognito. A new story behind each camera change, and each one is interesting in its own way. It is impossible to create your own history here. But it is possible to enjoy black humor and watch the stories of other personalities, often fallen ones, from the sidelines.

No, this is not a dating app at all, as some might think. This is Back Alley Tales in person. Although it cannot be called entertainment for a smartphone in the usual sense. Rather, it is an interactive book where you can stare at the plot. Don’t try to try to stick your nose out of their burrow. Otherwise, you will never know what was hidden behind the back of the last story.

Back Alley Tales Update