How many stickman stories are already on the internet? And the best part is, he never gets bored. He constantly brings with him new impressions and emotions. Around it is always collected a lot of all sorts of buns and other jokes.

This time he offers to visit the sandbox with him. Here you can mock him in any way possible. There are many different types of weapons gathered around him. He will interact with them differently.

The physics of Melon Playground 2 will help you place the hero in space. And then do not try to hold back your desire to chop off his finger or give him poison to drink. This can all be done in combination with other types of bullying.

A good anti-stress, the main thing is not to overdo it. Otherwise, your patient’s health indicators will drop sharply, and he will stop responding. And then it won’t be interesting to him at all. Keep this green man alive, and then you will have the opportunity to pounce on him with knives.

Melon Playground 2